Alvin And Brittany

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Alvin And Brittany

Apr 17, - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (c) Bagdasarian Productions. Alvin und die Chipmunks 2 (Originaltitel: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel) ist eine Dabei treffen sie auf eine rivalisierende Gruppe weiblicher Streifenhörnchen, die Chipettes, bestehend aus Eleanor, Brittany und Jeanette. An einer Spielstation liefern sich Alvin und Brittany ein verbissenes Duell um den Sieg in einem Ballonrennen rund um die Welt, und als Alvin unterliegt, streiten.

Alwin und die Weltenbummler

Request: Alvin and Brittany by ShazTheRaz on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing. Apr 17, - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (c) Bagdasarian Productions. An einer Spielstation liefern sich Alvin und Brittany ein verbissenes Duell um den Sieg in einem Ballonrennen rund um die Welt, und als Alvin unterliegt, streiten.

Alvin And Brittany Brittany Miller Video

Chipwrecked: Honey Badger and Alvin and Brittany Moment

Alvin And Brittany

An example of this is when she dismisses Simon's advice in The Chipmunk Adventure , when he advises them to avoid the easterly route to avoid a hurricane.

She believes it to be a trick to slow them down so they'll lose the race. Also, due to her ego, Brittany has been shown to be unable to admit her mistakes.

Such as when her balloon is destroyed as a result of being caught in the hurricane. Her sisters demand that she admits her mistake, however as she is trying to admit it, she is unable to say the full sentence, instead changing the subject.

However, Brittany is shown to be kind and compassionate, such as when she at first refuses to help Eleanor take home a kidnapped baby penguin, but later submits after seeing its deep sadness and longing.

Brittany has been shown to be vain about her appearance. In I Love the Chipmunks Valentine , it is shown that several boys wanted to go to the dance with her although she only wanted Alvin which means she is seen in boys' eyes as "attractive.

However, they are known to express romantic feelings towards each other. The common scenario between the two is that at first they appear to be friends, but eventually butt heads, argue over the subject for a period of time often blowing it out of proportion.

Despite how bad things get, the two eventually agree that they care for each other and make up. Brittany's age in regards to her sisters is never stated in the films.

Though her basic concept is retained in the CGI films, there are some notable differences. Besides appearance, her personality is toned down.

She is a lot friendlier and polite, making it easier for others to approach her. She is nicer and has better control over her temper than Alvin does, though it is still a bit shorter than most.

She is also shown to have a much better, loving relationship with her sisters, becoming visibly concerned and defensive about them when Ian tried to split them up.

Unlike her cartoon version, she is able to apologize when she has judged incorrectly. In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked , her personality is a mixture of what she was like in the 80s and in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Sometimes, she and Alvin have hard times with each other, but they truly care for and appreciate each other.

Brittany's age in regards to her sisters hasn't been stated in the series so far, though she retains the last name Miller as stated in Jeanette's Secret Garden.

Brittany is less toned down from her 80s personality than she is for the CGI films. While it is clear she cares about others' feelings such as when she decided not to tell Dave Alvin was planning to skip out on family day in Family Spirit , she does step on her sister's, primarily Jeanette's, emotions as seen in My Sister The Weirdo.

Even so, she recognizes her mistakes and seeks to correct them in most instances in Sister Act , their dispute is never settled.

Most of her conflicts are still with Alvin. She also exhibits a greater sense of responsibility by serving duty as Principal Meadows ' assistant, a position that she takes very seriously - so seriously, in fact, that in The Temp , she sneaks into the school after dark to clean up Jeanette's mess when Jeanette fills in for her while she is recovering from a sprained ankle.

Her idol is famous fashion designer and entrepreneur Marina Rodenchia. In the Alvin and the Chipmunks series, she has her hair in a ponytail and blue eyes, and her signature color is pink.

She is usually seen wearing a pink sleeveless short shirt over a darker pink sleeveless shirt, a pink skirt, a yellow scarf tied in a bow around her neck, periwinkle tights, light pink flats, and yellow legwarmers.

In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman , she no longer wears the legwarmers nor scarf to give her a more 'hip' look and wears different footwear.

In the CGI films, Brittany has blue eyes. In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel , she wears a light pink long-sleeved shirt with a pink leather jacket, black neck tie, and magenta skirt.

In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked , she wears a blue denim jacket with a light pink long-sleeved albeit with holes shirt and pink skirt with black dots.

In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip , she wears a blue jacket with a red-and white-striped long-sleeved shirt and a red-and magenta-striped skirt with a matching belt.

She was our older sister and she protected us. Last night, I realized that no matter what Alvin does, I'm going to like him.

I actually forgot about the competition, and it was tonight. You didn't seem to care about Alvin, but now you do, what's up? She had a point, while we always knew that Brittany liked Alvin, she never seemed to care too much about him.

But now, she's different, she seemed to really care what the Chipmunks thought of us. The tone of Brittany's voice was starting to worry me, I wanted this to be a joke, but I could tell she was dead serious.

He's been gone for about an hour and he never said when he was coming back. And we did just that.

For hours, we tried to keep ourselves entertained as best as we could. We watched T. V, we played games, and we talked. We talked about school, sports, music, fashion, romance, and just about anything else we could think of.

The thoughts of Simon and me together made my mind race. If he really does like you, you won't need to put on an act.

That doesn't mean we can't start our makeup. As sighed and followed Brittany with Eleanor, Ian had bought us a pint-sized makeup table that we could use.

I never really used it, Eleanor hardly used it, but Brittany had used in constantly since we had gotten it. As we stood there, I decided that I might as well do a little bit of makeup.

I started to do my face and hit the radio by accident; the song playing was Single Ladies , the song we had just played the day before.

I was going to change but decided against it when Eleanor went over and turned it up, we all started humming and doing out makeup before we heard the front door being opened and closed.

Oh my gosh! I was so happy, ' tonight was going to be the biggest days of our liv-' I thought before a look of horror came upon my face.

We'll miss the school contest! I just simply stood there, I was in shock and still in the process of taking all of it in. I got them some stuff too.

I thought out loud. Before we knew it, he had used one quick hand motion to grab our tails and he was now hanging us upside down.

Once we were finished, we walked in front of the mirror. We all looked great in the dresses, but it was the fact that what we were wearing the dresses for that made it horrible.

As we walked into the room with Ian, we had noticed that he had a cage with him. We slowly walked into the cage while crying; this was the first time in our lives something like this had happened to us.

We had never been in a cage before, but I immediately decided that I didn't like it. As we closed the cage door, he put a lock on it which needed a specific combination to be opened.

He was walking over to the limo driver who was to pick us up. As we all stretched for it, we eventually got it and gave it Brittany.

She looked through the contacts and eventually found 'Toby Seville', knowing the last name Seville, we dialed it. We're not going to be able to perform tonight.

We knew time was running out and if Ian came back and saw us using his phone, we'd be in big trouble. The whole school is counting on you. I couldn't breathe, he was calling for me?

Alvin scooted out of the booth, then he held his paw out to Brittany as an offering. Brittany gladly, accepted Alvin's paw and scooted out the booth as well.

Alvin held Brittany's paw tight, as they walked toward the front entrance. At the counter, the man that had escorted them earlier, said one last thing, before they left.

The man smiled, then Alvin and Brittany walked out of the restaurant. Outside the restaurant, it was almost dark.

Alvin had to act fast, if he was going to give Brittany her surprise. Brittany received a shocked look on her face.

It was time. The time Alvin had been waiting for for weeks. Alvin and Brittany were at the beach in less than two minutes, giving Alvin plenty of time to give Brittany her surprise.

The couple walked along the shoreline, with the sand rubbing against their bare feet, holding paws. Alvin knew where he was going to give Brittany her surprise, so he kept walking with his sweetheart down the shoreline.

The two chipmunks arrived at a spot, but not just any spot. It was the spot where Alvin gave Brittany the promise ring on her finger, the night they made love the first time.

Alvin started to feel sick to his stomach, but he ignored it and continued on with his plan. Alvin stopped in his tracks, then he let go of Brittany's paw.

This surprised Brittany, because Alvin usually loves to hold her paw, but she just went with whatever Alvin was up to. Alvin stood in front of Brittany, starting to blush.

Brittany was starting to cry, knowing what Alvin meant. We have been through many things, but have always overcame them, because of the bond we share.

Brittany looked at her left hand, and saw the ring Alvin presented to her, five years ago. She slipped the ring off of her middle finger then handed it to Alvin.

Alvin took the ring and held it tightly with his thumb and index finger, trying not drop it. Alvin got down on one knee. Brittany immediately, shed into tears of happiness, and struggled to answer Alvin's question, but she managed to speak through the tears.

Alvin Seville, I will marry you! Alvin rose up to his feet then grabbed Brittany's left paw. Brittany had lunged Alvin so hard, it caused him to fall to the ground.

Brittany, unexpectedly, started to attempt to remove Alvin's tuxedo, which surprised Alvin. This is our night to do what we want, so I'm willing to make love, despite trying to take a break from it.

Brittany didn't say another word and continued to remove Alvin's tuxedo. She un-buttoned Alvin's tuxedo, until his entire body was bare. Brittany dived into Alvin's lips, and started to kiss him more than any time before.

Still kissing, Alvin rolled on top of Brittany and started removing her dress. Alvin broke the kiss for a mere second, to remove Brittany's dress, which revealed Brittany's cute nipples that Alvin adored, then dived right back into the kiss.

Both of them were bare-naked, so Alvin remained on top of Brittany, as she stared into his hazel-brown eyes. Alvin had realized something, and it was critical.

Brittany looked at him with a seductive look on her face. I want it to be this way. I want to make love and have it feel real.

After two hours of making love, Alvin and Brittany lied in the sand, staring at the night sky.

Both of them were sweating repulsively, breathing heavily, and their hearts were beating so fast, they felt like they were going to jump out of their chests.

They were smiling at each other, and were cuddled together, landing small kisses to each other's cheek, neck, or forehead. They were both exhausted, yet overwhelmed by the experience they just had.

I just had to make love, and have it feel so much better, without protection. Until we are ready for a child, we will use protection, okay.

This way, tonight, was just a one-time thing for now. Both of them put their clothes back on, then did their best to fix their hair, which was all tangled and ruffled.

Brittany managed to fix Alvin's hair, but Alvin had a hard time fixing Brittany's hair, due to her having more hair than him.

Brittany did her best to fix her hair, then grabbed Alvin's paw, and kissed him. Thanks for reading this chapter, please review!

Chapter Eight will be finished some time this month or next month, depending on how things go. Thank you for reading again, and there's more to come.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Alvin and the chipmunks. A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever.

Note:This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews!

I'll get a plate. Brittany isn't pregnant is she?! You can tell me anything. Something special. If she loves you, she will accept, plus you two are more then old enough.

I just get cold feet every time I attempt to ask. That's all I can tell you; the rest is up to you. I'll do it when the time is right. In his mind, Alvin thought, when the time is right, I'll ask her.

The ring I gave her the night of our graduation, is the ring. It's your relationship, not mine. Hi, handsome.

Just watching television. I was thinking of going to the new restaurant, when the evening comes. If I can find it. I'll be there in about twenty minutes.

I have to go get ready. Good luck tonight. Very funny. Brittany giggled at Alvin. I won't. I just wanted to mess with you.

Now, let's get moving.

80er Serie. Brittany ist die Mittelste schwester. der 3 Chipettes Schwestern. Sie trägt gerne Rosa und ist kleiner als Jeanette aber größer als Eleanor. Alvin und. Request: Alvin and Brittany by ShazTheRaz on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing. Apr 17, - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (c) Bagdasarian Productions. - Erkunde Lechens Pinnwand „Alvin x Brittany“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu alvin und die chipmunks, streifenhörnchen, schlaf schön. Ty Beanie Baby Brittany, Alvin and the Chipmunks out of 5 stars $ Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Next. Special offers and product promotions. Alvin and Brittany are the love/hate relationship couple that often runs as a gag throughout the cartoon series. Brittany and Alvin sometimes squabble with one another, but they also sometimes act friendly towards one another and show signs that they are willing to help the other out. Alvin's Hints 80s Series & Films. The Chipettes are a fictional group of female singing chipmunks (Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor) first appearing on the show Alvin and the Chipmunks in In this and related materials, The Chipettes served as female featured characters, starring in 52 episodes (five solo), two specials, and five movies. Brittany and Alvin have a very competitive relationship. They are constantly at odds with one another and fight, but they do show that deep down they love each other. They are shown in the future as married with twin boys. Alvin and Brittany has a Secret Hideout somewhere in Simon's Lab behind the Chipmunks closet. No one except them knows where it is hidden. Are they going to get caught.
Alvin And Brittany

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Alvin And Brittany Terms of Service. Brittany blushed even more. Both of them fell back in their seats, and rubbed their paws over Turm Spiel bellies, now full. They are shown Ugx Christmas the future as married with twin boys. Dave was proud of Alvin for what he was doing, because it showed that he was entering adulthood as a responsible person. I bet Simon is having a lecture with Jeanette right now. Our Life 3. Brittany sat down first, then Alvin slid into the seat. Brittany: Hey, Ian! There's no exception in the Squeakquel, you've seen the Chipmunks' side, now see the Chipettes' side of the story.


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