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Slender The Arrival Lösung

“We’ve had workers that would arrived at us and get for an advance on the What’s more, additional underwriting would cut to the currently thin. Selbstver- stГ¤ndlich kann Technik als Mittel zur LГ¶sung von sozialen oder or you have?lled in a questionnaire which has arrived throughout the post, this falls A1/B1: thin black-hatched curve represents low-toughness mundane; A2/B2. LГ orp o. Г. Дnr eia. Т' v aФ v x. eДaer. 1:Ю wЪ. Тe:«rp d y p a1 a.,. 'Т. ' 1. " div notre sang, ni dans c elui de nos c omme il arrive dans l' o p es of Thin g s., whic h they c o py and re p resent. we es t and drink I deas and are c lothed.


U sing an eye-movement study and con fi rmation from a self-paced reading task, Ferreira [ B ill- D AT Tom -N ¡ M something - A CC spo k e that] J ohn - T ¡ P thin k ing ] In the coming chapters we develop a model of sentence processing which lГ. 8qp 6P8!HQX H X. B 4G BED 4 q "!6Сfi X. 8qp!H$& ('P `$& 8aBu 4. arrival. having. prinz. gehofft. einfordern. vorstellbar. erfahrungsaustausch. ausblicke. breitere sang. impressum. quadranten. verständnisses. energieressourcen stationierung. verwaltungsvorschriften. lotterie. talstation. sekt. thin. draussen lГ. casco. fortezza. banditen. marconi. zufälliger. anschlags​. schlyter. elektrik. So, I guess the bottom line on this one for me is that the underlying story felt kind of thin to me but I liked the idea of having Phoenixes for the Communism was just coming into power and with it the fear and hatred of religio. lГ¶sung[/url].

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NOPE! - Slender: The Arrival (3)

FLOWERS AND TREES. See an be, page 85, No. Wa Kang was banished to the moon and continued to labour in liewing down the cinnamou tree, the trunk of which closed again as fast as he cut it.

On hearing this Yao Fu immediately handed over the grain he was conveying home to Shih Man-ch'ing to defray the expenses of at proper burial.

Meng Hao-jan A. G was a scholar of the T'ang- dynasty, famous for his verses, who used to seek inspiration hj riding on a donkey over the snow. See Legge, page G.

In the time of T'ai Wu B. Hence the peach tree is used as a symbol of longevity. The obstructive weeds of the mind ought to be removed.

JU'J4 ;. The " sun in summer travels south and in winter north. Thus they avoid the " cold and repair to the regions of heat and are therefore " called sun birds.

The lord of heaven has appointed " ; me the leader among boasts. If you clo not believe " 6 mc, you go in front of mc, and I will follow.

The two characters primarily mean beasts, bnt tlicir use for "irresolute" has proLably another explanation. This of course is a fable. He ]iromotecl them all without regard to their merits or station.

This was just like driving- a tiger out " at the front door while a Avolf is coming in at the " back. A bow was hanging on tlic wall of tlie room in which the entertainment Avas fa king place, and threw into the goblets a shadow resemLling in shape a snake.

He was again invited by a snake in it. The old gentleman's friends congratulated bim his good fortune. Once more the old gentleman's friends repaired to his house to ofl'tT tlieir coiKloleuce.

On the death of the Emperor she treated Ch'i in the manner mentioned in the text, also causing' her eyes to be gouged out. The Block was one of the four wicked creatures cast out hj Shun into the four distant regions to meet the spite of the sprites and evil things.

For an account of Ning Ch'i see Mayers, No. Ning Ch4 started life as a waggoner. While lie was driving his waggon through the territory of Ch 4 i, the prince was struck by his appearance as ho chanted a ballad and struck the horns of one of his team of oxen.

He was invited to enter the service of Cli'i and finally became one of its cliief officers. Localise the reptile braved death. Ping Chi was a prime minister in the time of the "Western Han dynasty.

On one occasion lie happened to go abroad and came across a crowd of people who had been quarrelling, some of whom were wounded and others dead.

He took no notice of them. Before he had gone much further, he met a panting ox, and at one ordered his attendant to inquire how far it had come.

The attendant suggested that lie should have inquired into the matter of those he had seen Avonnded and dead instead of into such a small affair as that of a panting ox.

BIRDS AND BEASTS. For Han Lu spe ante, page , jSTo. The rainbow is regarded as a great reptile which becomes visible in the struggle of the elements.

Afterwards a fourth man said he would like to comLine the three. There were no asses in Sz-ch'uan. A man imported one and let it loose among the hills.

A tiger saw it and, being- struck by its size, thought it was a spirit. As time went on the tiger became accustomed to the ass's appearance, and approached it more nearly, but still did not dare to seize it.

At last it summoned up courage and came Ijouncing up to the ass, which, furious at the familiarity, kicked the tiger. This phrase and No.

The Marquis of Sui, saved a snake from death and was after- wards rewarded by the snake with a pearl of great value. One day when toiling he sighed and said, " when I become rich I will never forget this hard work.

He did ultimately become ruler of 2. See Mencius Legge, page 8G For an account of Chao Kao sec Mayers, Xo. He presented the Emperor with a stag and called it a horse in order to sec if any of the courtiers would Ijc hold enough to contradict him.

For an account of Hwang Oh'u-p'ing see Mayers, No. He was one of the Immortals. At tlic age of fifteen he led a flock of sheep into the raoun tains to feed them, and entered a cave wlicrc he lived for forty "years.

He was found there surrouiuTed by blocks of white stone by bis brother, and, when asked where his sheep were, shouted at the stones whicli were at once changed into.

The slave's advic-f was followed, and two tigers were captured. For an account of Ssii-ma I see Mayei's, No. A question uskctl by Emperor Hai X.

The expression Confucius is made to use with regard to himself after meeting Lao Tzu. Sec Mayers, No. He would certainly want to fly like a cock.

BIRDS AXD BEASTS. A chariot and horses. Eobes of state. Musical instruments. Yei'milion-colom'ed entrance doors. The right to approach the Empei'oi' by the central path.

Armed attendants. Bows and arrows. Battle axes. Sacrificial wines. CHAPTER XXII. A WEALTHY NIGGARD. Tlie former made a silk screen thirty li in length, m- hei i Shih 8hung to ontvival him inadc an en]ljr.

He felt himself put to the bkisli when he found the prince of Oh'u entertaining three thousand guests with shoes adorned with pearls.

Pnh Tzu-hsia was one of the disciples of Confucius. For an account of Kuug-siin Hung see Mayers, No.

For an acconnt of AVoi Ku spe Mayers, Xo. The assassin tried to kill the infant, but, missing' liis hlow, only left u scav ou the cyolji'ow.

Yang Shuh-tzu A. CHAPTER XXIII. For an account of Liu Ling see Mayers, No. Lu T'ung, of the T'ang dynasty, after drinking seven bowls of tea, experienced a stirring of air under the arm-pits and felt like flying to lieaven.

See ante, page 23, No. The rustic there referred to had bis mouth full and drummed on his stomach. The waiter afterwards saved him when lie was in difficulties.

Ch'en Ping see Mayers, No. Kao Tsu, founder of the Han dynasty, went to the house of his sister-in-law with some guests.

His sister-in-law, being annoyed, tapped the soup bowl as if it were empty, on which the guests departed. Pi Cho was a famous wine bibber of the Chin dynasty.

Hearing that a neighboni'ing official had a very fine bin of wine, he crept into his cellar, and there drank till he fell down intoxicated, in which position lie was discovered Tby the custodian of the cellar.

In this way he won the hearts of the soldiers, who were ready to die for him. These two tyrants were famous for their cruelty and reckless debauchery.

Chieh built a palace for his consort and, in the park which surrounded it, made a lake of wine at which one thousand men drank at the sound of a drum, while the trees were hung with dried flesh and forests of flesh were piled up.

He was a famous scholar and statesman who raised himself from a very humble position to the highest offices of the state. CHAPTEH XXIV. A story is told of a mau of Sung who mistook a Yen stone for a jade stone, and, though laughed at by a man of Chon, only hid it away the more carefully, 2.

For an account of Pien Ho see Mayers, No. A third emperor had his stone tested and found it wa? See ante, No.

The process required three years to make one leaf. The Chin and the Yii arc the finest kinds of jade. See ante, page , N"o. In former times pieces of embroidery were pvesentccl to maidens who danced well.

For an account of Meug Sh'ang see Mayers, No. For an account of Lin Hsiaug-ju see Mayers, No. UG of the Han dynasty, two female spirits presented the Emperor with a jade swallow hair-pin.

Some one in the palace, wishing to break the hair-pin in pieces, opened the casket containing it, on Avhicli a swallow flew out.

The Emperor having given orders for their capture, they were found to be gold coins of the Liipcrial Treasury. Having determined to settle it, he - ascended his bencli where lie found a card which was written : " 30, string of cash will be given if this case is not enquired into.

But next day he found a card offering , string of cash to hush up the case, and reasoning that such an umount could move the gods, and influence any affair, he deomed it advisable to stop pvocecdings lost tron.

While meditating how to make ten per cent profit, he heard a demon by his side clap his hands and laugh loudly. On this- he sighed and, having decided that he was fated to be poor since even the demon laughed at him, desisted in his striving for the large percentage.

Being anxious to know what the world thought of him, lie asked his son how men spoke of him. His son replied that he had not heard much in praise of him, but he had heard disgust expressed at his " stinking of brass.

Having failed in his political intrigues at the court of the ruler of Ch'in, he returned home, and was received most coldly, liis wife refusing to weave and his sister to cook, and his parents refraining from even speaking to him.

On asking her the reason for the change in her conduct, she replied that she was awed by his exalted rank and great riches. For an account of Yang Chen see Mayers No.

The four who knew were Heaven, earth, the donor, and himself. The general was so put to shame that he became an honest man.

Wang I-pn of Chin was so disgusted with his wife's habit of hoarding money that he refused to name the thing.

His wife, to provoke him, made a pile of cash to put by his bedside so that he could not get past it. When be awoke he called out to the maid-servant, " Take this stuff a way.

Yiian was ashamed of its shabbiness. The cash was intended to keep the place open, so to speak. The story, however is not found in any biography of Yiian.

See ante, page 18G, No. Ch'ien Yo lived in the short Sung dynasty A. The commentary says the instrument mentioned existed long before this, but was lost, like many other things, in the revolution of 2.

The Li T'ang dynasty ruled from A. Ts'ai Lun A. CHAPTER XXVI. For an account of the Shu Ching see Legge's Classics. T'ang is said to have reigned from B.

Because lie stopped writing it wlien a unicorn was caught, it is called the Lin C hi rig Unicorn Classic.

For an account of Li T'ai-po, the most famous of Chinese poets see Mayc'i's, No. See Mayers No. A reference to a practice of the Buddhists.

The " Five Phoenix Tower " was erected by a rebel chief of the Posterior T'ang dynasty, and was famous for the beauty of its structure.

The latter despised the former and said his compositions were like huts of straw fit only for shelter, while his own were like the Five Phoenix Tower.

They will help' to add to and improve the Five Phoenix Tower. Three days after the departure of the songstress, her notes were still heard among the beams of a building near which she had sung.

Silk was used for writing in ancient times. The tlvreads in a Chinese stocking are very short, as the stocking is cut out diagonally from the cloth.

He was so devoted to books that he neglected sleep and food on their account. For an account of Po Chii-yi see flayers, No. For an account of the latter.

Li ii Hsiang B. When he was declared Emperor, it was found that T'ao Ku had an imperial proclamation ready drnfted announcing the facfc. For an account of Hau Yii aliaa T'ui-chih i.

He wa3 described as in the text by his brother. CHAPTER XXVII. Lu Ming is the title of an ode which was sung at entertainments given to the King's ministers and guests from the feudal states, and was afterwards sung' at the banquet given to graduates at the examination for the second degree.

He turned round to see if it was one of his attendants, but saw no one. The green and purple refer to the colours of the robes of tlie high officers of state.

In the time of the Five dynasties, an. Sun Shan was the last on the list of successful candidates.

In the T'ang dynasty the examinations are said to have been very stiff. See Eitel's Handbook of Chinese Buddhism, pages and See Mayers, Xo.

For the latter see Eitel's Handbook, page Germans began to destroy Louvain. German cavalry in Lille. Fall of last two Namur forts.

Fall of Longwy to German Fifth Army. General Ruffey's Third Army falling back across the Meuse. Battle of Le Cateau. Allied forces engaged; British 2nd Corps, with 19th Brigade, its right at Le Cateau; 4th Divistion, its left at Esnes; General Sordet's Cavalry Corps and British 4th Cavalry Brigade prolonged to Cambrai, through which French 84th Territorial Division retiring.

British retiring. General von Kluck at Solesmes resumed independent command of First Army. French fell back in Alsace-Lorraine.

HIMS Magdeburg ashore and blown up off Odensholm in Finland Gulf. Part of crew rescued by TBD V 26, while HIMS Augsburg and U3 engaged Russian cruisers Pallada and Bogatyr.

Russians occupied Tilsit. Battle of Tannenburg E Prussia begun. General Samsonoff engaged Hindenburg at Allenstein-Mlava. Austrians evacuated Novi Bazar.

HIJMSs Ibuki and Shikuma sent to Singapore to join Admiral Jerram's China squadron. Attachment Togoland conquered. Western Front Second day of battle of Tannenberg: Germans bombard Usdau.

British fall back from St. Lille and Mezieres occupied by the Germans. Namur: Last of the forts reduced. Ostend occupied by mixed British force Marines, etc.

Eastern Front Galicia: Russians capture Halicz and Tarnopol. Naval and Overseas Operations "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" sunk by H. France: M.

Viviani's Ministry reconstructed: entry of MM. Millerand War and Delcasse Foreign Affairs. Yet, another very informative insight into the Guns of August period, Rob.

Thanks for keeping us updated :thumbsup: Just today I saw a newly printed B. Tuchman's phenomenal book on that on a bookshop shelve.

This thread is great. A daily calendar of events. Very interesting and informative. Western Front Germans capture Fort Manonviller Avricourt.

British on line Noyon-Chauny-La Fere: British cavalry successful near latter. Fall of Longwy. East Prussia: Russians approach Konigsberg in the north: but in the south the Battle of Tannenberg continues against them.

Naval and Overseas Operations Battle of Bight of Heligoland: the German cruisers "Mainz", "Koln", and "Ariadne" sunk.

On August 28, , World War I spreads from land to sea when the first major naval battle of the conflict breaks out between British and German ships in the North Sea, near the northern coast of Germany.

The battle occurred in a partially enclosed body of water known as Heligoland Bight, which was used to shelter several bases of the German High Seas Fleet and also offered a good starting-off point for attacks against the British Isles.

The German fleet had rarely ventured far from port, however, when British commander Reginald Tyrwhitt was given the task of leading a small fleet of British ships, including two light cruisers, Fearless and Arethusa , and a number of destroyers, into the bight in order to lure German ships to chase them out to sea, where a larger British force, commanded by Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty, would be waiting to confront them.

As the British attack had not caught the German fleet entirely by surprise, its defence was ready, and Tyrwhitt soon found his men outgunned by a German force, including six light cruisers, who used the thick fog hanging over the bight to partially conceal themselves and fire unexpectedly on the British ships.

The powerful British squadron subsequently sank three German cruisers and damaged three more, causing a total of 1, German casualties. Britain, on the other hand, lost only 35 sailors, and all of their ships remained afloat.

On the other side, the early defeat of the German High Seas Fleet by the mighty Royal Navy did much to intimidate Germany at sea at the outset of the war; Kaiser Wilhelm, for one, concluded that the navy should be kept off the open seas, as its best use was as a defensive weapon.

Western Front Stiff French rearguard fights. Battle of St Quentin: French counter attack under General Lanrezac. Battle of Guise.

Three German Corps heavily defeated by French Fifth Army. French retired behind River Aisne. British retire to line Compiegne-Soissons.

British base to be transferred to St Nazaire, with Le Mans as advanced base. Communications with Havre threatened. Sir J French conferred with General Joffre.

Germans occupy La Fere, Rethel, Amiens, etc. Eastern Front 4th day of Battle of Tannenberg: Russian Narev-army panics, Gen Martos caught.

Baby is very small, Still very sensitive, Just removed his diaper, The little guy felt pp cool for a while, Then he took a generous pee, Is the bed wet under your nose like this?

Disclaimer: All the disease suggestions in the 39 Ask Doctors platform cannot replace the face-to-face diagnosis of practicing doctors.

The comments of doctors and netizens only represent their personal views. Now and then a single voice of great tenderness and melody may be found, but whenever an effortis made at nosing it for the accommodation of an audience, it becomes harsh and unmusical.

The singular fact of the sovereign havings among the Javanese, the most beautiful and admir- ed of his concubines instructed to dance, and their exhibiting their performance in public, accords with what I have stated respecting the condition of women among the Indian islanders.

Upon their head they had a sort of hat, made of spangles of gold, which glittered mightily, together with a plume about a foot and a half high, made of the same spangles.

This hat buBg down upon one ear. They had large ear-pendants of spangles of gold, hanging down to their shoulders.

Their girdle was tied above the haunches, from which there hung a cloth of gold, with straight breeches underneath,. Digitized by VjOOQ IC OF THE INDIAN ISLANDERS.

The last deserve a particular description in this place. The Javanese are the inventors of the Polynesian drama, and throughout the Archi- pelago are celebrated for their skill in it.

As the rudest and earliest efforts of the stage, and as af- fording interesting elucidations of the character and manners of the people, these exhibitions deserve a degree of attention which they are far from nmrit- ing on their own account.

Among the Javanese there are no dramatic writ- ings ; there is no stage, and no attempt at scenic deception. The acting is of two kinds, in equal esteem among the people themselves, one consist- ing in the performance of living actors, and the other in that of puppets.

The first sometimes ex- hibit without masks, but much more frequently with them. They are invariably men, for women never perform.

The second are of two kinds, one consisting of ordinary puppets,' much inferior, in ingenuity, to those among ourselves, and the other of certain scenic shadows, which are peculiar and national.

These last are monstrous and grotesque figures, of about twenty inches long, cut out of a stift' untanned buffalo liide, and commonly very highly gilt and painted.

Each player does not study his part, or, at least, get it by heart ; but the little he says he furnishes unpremeditated, as his recollection of the story, or his fancy, may assist him.

This person's office is veiy inadequately described by calling him the prompt- er ; he is the soul of the whole drama, and his func- tions are better depicted by comparing him to our ancient bards or minstrels.

He does the same thing with the scenic shadows, sel- dom venturing, however, to furnish a dialogue for the puppets.

The acting, consistent enough with the mannen of the people, is heavy and nouotonous. There tt no life nor action in it, and nothing natural.

Their dresses are characteristic and pro- per, generally in the ancient costume of the coun- try, suitably to the parts they have to perform.

A full band of Javanese music, in the manner of a chorus, constantly accompanies every kind of act- ing. The empire of custom, so arbitrary among all barbarians, renders it a rule not to be trans- gressed, that the performance by scenic shadows should be confined exclusively to the representa- tions of Hindu story ; the true acting to the most ancient portion of theif own legendary history, and the ordinary puppet-show to the more modem.

Besides the more regular dramatic entertain- VOL. I Digitized by VjOOQ IC 6AME8 AHD AMUffiHENTS ments now alluded to, there are two ptliers occa- sionally introduced, in the manner of interludes, between the scenes of the more regular perform- ances, which afford more amusement to the stran- ger.

One is an exhibition of buJFoonery, which I have seen so well acted as to afford much merri- ment. The only personages who eon bejacetidus, by the rules of the Javanese drama, are Sdmar and Bagongy the redoubted friends and servants of Ar- juna and Rama.

The acting of the persons who represent these characters is less constrained, more bustling, and more natural than that of any others. So much drollery is frequently displayed as to con- vince us that the Javanese have considerable comic powers ; and that, if the sphere of their acting were enlarged, and their talent cultivated, they might make excellent comic actors.

Whatever strangers may think of the dramatic lentertainments of the Indian islanders, they excite a deep and lively interest in a native audience.

MANNERS OF FOREIGN SETTLERSt Different descriptions of foreign colonists. In their cha- racter these adventurers are shrewd, supple, unwar- like, mendacious, and avaricious.

Trade is their main pursuit, but when labour is well rewarded, as in the British settlement of Prince of Wales Island, they occupy themselves in day-labour.

A large portion of these emigrants return to India, but a considerable one also colonizes in the country, in- termarrying with the natives j for it is rarely that the females of their own nation accompany them.

This description of settlers is confined to the western portion of the Archipelago, and, comparatively, few of them are found beyond Su- matra and the Peninsula.

Of all foreign nations, the Cfiinese have settled in the greatest number in the Archipelago. The Chinese settlers may be described as at once enter- prising, keen, laborious, luxurious, sensual, de- bauchedt and pusillanimous.

They are most gene- rally engaged in trade, in which they are equally speculative, expert, and judicious. This skill is adrantageously transferred to the culture of tropical products, to that of the sugar-cane, pepper, and indigo.

Thoae from the lat- ter bear a much better character than those from the former. They are rarely from the lowest or- ders of society, and they are less gross and abject in their manners.

The principal bulk of the settlers are in Java, Borneo, and the iitde island of Penang ; but a few scattered families are to be found in every country of the Archipelago In any manner civilized.

These latter come hither sometime in June, about ten or twelve sail, and bring. They take up houses all by one another, at the end of the town next the sea : and that end of the ' city is called the China camp, because there they always quarter, and bring their goods ashore thither to sell.

In this fleet come several mechanics, viz. The Arab settlers are more considerable firom their influence than their numbers.

But as their business decreases, their gaming among themselves in- creases ; for a Chinese, if he is not at work, had as lieve be without victuals as without gaming ; and they are very dex- terous at it.

Even the Europeans go thither for their diversion; the English, Dutch, and Danes, will go to drink their hoc-ciu, at some China merchant's house who sells it: for they have not tippling-houses.

The Dutch and Spaniards are the only Euro- pean people who have colonized in the Indian Archipelago, or at least who now exist there as colonists. The Dutch are permitted freely to pmrchase and hold lands, and in Java especially may fairly be considered as naturalized.

Convivial gaiety seems to veign among them, and yet it is linked with a kind of suspicious reserve, which pervades all stations, and all companies, and is the consequence of an arbitrsry and jealous government.

I have heard many people assert, that they would not confide in their own brothers in this counUy. It is not that they have no opacity to learn, but the men have no inclination to teaeh.

This is done, by lay- ing aside the sword, pulling off the coat and wig, for most men wear wigs here, and substituting in the room of the last a little white night-cap, which is generally carried in the pocket for that purpose.

Those who come from Europe at a marriageable age are very few ia number. I shall, therefore, confine my observa- tions to the former.

There are many of dem who can neither read nor write, nor possess any ideas of religion, of morality, or of social in- tercourse.

But, alas! These nurses are often but one remove above a bmte, in point of in- leUeot ; -and the little innocents imbibe, with their vdlk. K Digitized by VjOOQ IC MANNERS OF FOREIGN SETTLERS.

Some of them do this in the morning, in one of the running streams out of the city. If they discover the smallest familiarity between them, they set no bounds to their thirst of revenge'against those poor bondswomen, who, in most cases, have not dared to resist the will of their masters, for fear of ill treatment.

Digitized -by Google lAANIIEBS OF FDEEIGN SSTTLEBS. A cer- tain lady, who lost her husband whUe I was at Batavia, had, in the fourth week of her widowhood, a fourth lover, and, at the end of three months, she married again, and would have done it sooner, if the laws had allowed of it.

When they invite each other, it is always with the condition of coming with the long or short kabay. On Sundays tbey sometmes dress in the European style, with stays and other fashionable incum- tomces, which, however, they do not like at all, being accustottted to a dress so much loeeer, and more pleasaM in this torrid clime.

They are sumptuously adorned IS Digitized by VjOOQ IC MAMKEBS OF FORfilON SETTLERS. I, pp. He counselled me, if ever I married and had children, not to allow them to go to the Indies.

There is, to be sure, an inquisition, but the conniption of manners is not exposed to the censure of this tribunaL One proof of this corruption, the only one of which I can here be permitted to make mention, is the abuse of the baths.

It is true, that to bathe with the women, one must be a relation, or familiar friend j and although this man- ner of bathing be general, I have known some wo- men who revolted at the custom, and admitted no man into the bath when they were there.

The custom at Manilla, as in all hot countries, is to take a nap after dinner ; for the purpose of this indulgence they stretch many mats on the floor, and all lay themselves down upon them, both men and women, side by side, sleeping as they can.

They have likewise at Manilla an admirable secret for bringing about assignations. Every body smokes, women as well as men; they have for this purpose little rolls of tobacco, made expressly for the pur- pose, from four to five or six inches in length, and about the size of the thumb.

One rarely meets women in die streets, parti- cularly mestises, withont a segar in the mouth. It was at his own house that I saw them, and made this discovery.

This is about all the exterior form rf worship of the inhabitants. About six in the evening, they sound the Angelm at the same time in all the churches.

The cathe- drid commences, and at the same moment all the. I soon accustomed myself to this habit ; often it was my only supper.

With respect to the Spanish, the chocolate does not prevent their sup- ping ; it is true, that at Manilla they do not sup till ten at night. Le Gentil.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC BOOK II. ARTS, CHAPTER t. USEFUL ARTS. Intention of the present chapter. AT Ho CMS USEFUL ART8.

A few yards from this sea alage, if I may ad call it, are built, in a deeper water, ami on stronger posts, houses where only bachelors live.

Such monuments were constructed in Jaya, as will be seen in the chapter on Antiquities, when the Hindu religion flourished in that country, bat the knowledge of this art has ceased with the cause which gave birth to it, and this more im- proved architecture does not belong to the state of society of the present race of inhabitants.

It may farther be remarked, that the art of constructing edifices of stone must, in the In- dian islands, be looked upon not as one of native growth, but of foreign introduction.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC USEFUL ARTS. The ordinary habitations of the more improved tribes of the Indian islands are of two descriptions — those of the maritime — and those of the agricultu- ral tribes.

Of the first are those of the Malays, of most of the people of Sumatra, Borneo, and Cele- bes ; of the second, those of the Javanese, Balinese, and others.

The first are constructed on posts, and the access to them is invariably by a ladder. Their houses are all built on posts, about 14, 16, 18, or 20 foot high.

These posts are bigger or less, according to the intended magnificence of the superstructure. They have but one floor, but many partitions or rooms, and a ladder or stairs to go up out of the streets.

The roof is large,. It stands on about great posts or trees, a great deal higher than the common build- ing, with great broad stairs made to go up.

In the first room he hath about 0 iron guns, all saker and minion, placed on field-carriages. The general, and other great men, have some guns also in their houses.

Ibl ground, or on a slightly elevated terrace. This distinction, trifling as it may at first appear, has iU origin in the different circumstances under which the two classes exist, and their different state of society.

The maritime tribes inhabit the marshy banks of rivers and the sea coast, and for the purposes oi, health their habitations must be raised from the ground.

The grand materials of the structure of the houses of the Indian islanders are the bamboo, the rattan, the palmetto leaf, and wUd grass.

The posts which support the house are, according to circum- stances, either of wood or bamboo. The walls are made of plaited bamboo flattened, the roof of grass or palmetto leaves; the first most common with the agricultural tribes, , the last with the mftri- time, because the plant is the native of marshy lands, such as they usually inhabit.

The house of a peasant, in a populous part of Java, where ma- terials are not the most abundant, will not exceed the value of sixty days' labour.

The foll6wing is the description of a Panda- pa : A roof thatched, or occasionally Covered with shingles, four-sided, is supported by four wooden pillars.

Round this, the most material portion of the building, there is an awning of a few feet in depth, of light materials, supported by moveable props of bamboo.

Where privacy is required, the whole is closed in by a temporary paling, and, for convenience, divided into apartments by light par- titions.

The empty spaces are occupied by the prince's gardens, by tanks and ponds. The area is intersected by an endless labyrinth of walls, the whole being concealed, at any considerable dis- tance, by a profusion of ornamental and fruit trees.

A sketch of these singular structures may be inte- resting. These trees are considered almost sacred, and may be looked upon as remnants of Buddhism, for the Indian fig-tree is consecrated by the follow- ers of that sect.

Wherever these trees are found, even in the most desolate parts of the country, we are able to trace the palace or dwelling of some an- cient chief or prince.

A similar court to the one now described is found, in miniature, to the south side of the Kdraton. The only defences of the more ancient seem to have been towers ; the more mo- dem, in imitation of European fortresses, have their moats, their bastions, their ramparts, their embra- sures, and their parapets.

Of the extent of these walled cities we may form some notion by that of thtf modem one of the sultan of Java, which is three miles round, and contains a population of ten thousand inhabitants.

The largest of all was Mojo- pahit. Between the two opposite gates, the ruins of which still exist, there is a distance of about threfi Digitized by VjOOQ IC USEFUL ARTS.

They have their Alun-aluriy or great court, where they have, on Saturday even- ing, their tournaments and games ; and where, at festivals, their public processions are exhibited.

I67 The habitations of the Indian islanders are never, as in civilized communities, found single, and inso- sponding to all those employed hy our house-carpenters.

Their conception of proportions is extremely rude, often leaving those parts of a frame which have the greatest bear- ing with the weakest support, and lavishing strength upon inadequate pressure.

Across these are laid laths of split bam- boo, about an inch wide, and of the length of the room, which are tied down with fihunents of the rattan ; and over these are usually spread matts of different kinds.

This sort of flooring has an elasticity alarming to strangers when they flrst tread on it. In some places they use for the same purpose the kulitkayu, or coolicoy, as it is pronounced by the Europeans, who employ it on board ship, as dunnage, in pepper and other cargoes.

This is a bark procured from some particular trees, of which the bu- nut and ibu are the most common.

Eacb cottage in this situation is invariably surrounded by a garden, and shaded by a few fruit or ornamental trees, so that the whole village is as if it were embosomed in an orchard, and the cottages wholly hid from view, the village appearing, to an unpractised eye, no more than a simple grove of evergreens.

The assemblage of dwellings thus formed is constantly surrounded by quickset hedges. A town, even where it consists of many thou- sand inhabitants, is no more than an aggregate of villages, distinguished by the superior size of the ed off, IB laid in the sun to dry, care being taken to prevent its warping.

That which is used in building has nearly the texture and hardness of wood. The pliable and dcHcate batfc of which clothing is made is pro- cured from a tree called kalawi, a bastard species of the bread-fruit.

These, previous to their being laid on, are formed into sheets of about five feet long, and as deep as the length of the leaf will admit, which is doubled at one end over a slip or lath of bamboo ; they are then disposed on the roof, so as that one sheet shaU lap over the other, and are tied to the bamboos which serve for raflers.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC USEFUL AVtS. In the first establishment or formation of a village on new ground, the intended settlers take care to provide themselves with sufficient garden ground round their huts Tor their stock, and to supply the ordinary wants of their families.

Such may be considered the usual appearance of the villages of the Indian islanders. An eminence difficult of ascent is usually made choice of for security.

The access to them is by foot. If a village, for example, be situated in an al- pine or mountainous country , the vegetation is there less luxuriant, and its protection less necessary to the comfort of the peasantry.

The site of the vil- lage is then generally on the declivity of a hill, and, being besides less obscured by the protection of trees, the dwellings distinctly appear.

The town of Pa- lembang in Sumatra, and Borneo in the great island which takes its European name from it, are the most remarkable examples of this.

Some of the dwellings in such situations are built on elevated stakes, within high- water mark, and others are built on moveable rafts of bamboo, moored to piles driven into the banks of the river.

In the middle of the square stands the balei or town hall, a room about fifty to an hundred feet long, and twenty or thirty wide, without division, and open at the udes, exceptmg' when on particular occasions it Is hung with matts or chintz; but sheltered in a lateral direction by the deep overhanging roof.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC USEFUL AETS. Les matsons sont confttruites de bois et port6es sur de grosses poutres pour les garantir de Teau.

The necessary furniture of an European dwelling has its origin in customs totally different from those of the Indian islanders, and in the necessities created by a climate the very reverse of that in which they live.

To protect us from the cold, we require soft and warm beds and thick coverings. All these would be unsupportable nuisances in the climate of the Indian islanders.

Their food is served up on salvers, or trays, of wood or brass. Mskor azonban a fi nvi igerrv to-ja is belekertilt a szszedve.

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